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The Cathy Miller Cancer Fund was born out of love and determination. When you lose someone to cancer you go through the periods of sadness and grief - then anger at the cancer that took them away and eventually you reach a place where your heart and mind learn to accept it.

Cathy's Legacy . . . Cathy Miller’s family would not easily acquiesce to
the gaping hole left in their hearts.  They decided to take the power
of their grief and their love for Cathy and turn it into positive action
to become advocates for other families facing this terrible diagnosis.  
Much like a deadly tornado, cancer hits one individual but its wrath is experienced by everyone who has loved or been touched by it’s victim. 

In the fall of 2006, the “Cathy Miller Cancer Fund” was established.
The Fund’s purpose is to raise money for research, to find a cure for cancer and to perpetuate Cathy’s wish to “Help Another Person”.
Since then, the CMCF has exceeded each of their goals ahead of schedule.  This Fund is dedicated to the determined spirit of all families
who want to make a difference.  Through your generosity we can provide support for those diagnosed today - and perhaps find a cure in our lifetime.

The Cathy Miller Cancer Fund now seeks the support and generosity of businesses, organizations and individuals to help make this pledge a continuing reality.  The CMCF is proud to channel the financial benefit of our fund raising activities through these two worthwhile warrior organizations in the fight against cancer - Coaches vs. Cancer and the American Cancer Society.

Your generous commitment and support of the CMCF will allow us to help continue the comfort and support of families enduring the hardship of a cancer diagnosis. 

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