How We Can Help


When faced with their terrible loss, Cathy Miller's family decided to take the power of their grief and their love for Cathy and turn it into positive action to become advocates for other families facing the terrible diagnosis of cancer.  The Cathy Miller Cancer Fund’s purpose is to raise money for cancer research and to perpetuate Cathy’s wish to Help Another Person . . .

The CMCF is prepared to "Help" someone facing a cancer diagnosis in a few different ways:

   ~ We have an experienced Oncology Nurse Consultant, Lynn Horne RN, who is available via
      e-mail to answer any question you may have regarding your diagnosis and treatment.

   ~ We have created the CMCF Concierge Services who are availabe to assist in navigating
      the maze of treatment options, services and inpatient or home care needs that may arise.

   ~ We have a growing Things You'll Want to Know informational area that will include FAQs
      and reference material for you to access when you find the need.

Please feel free to utilize these services that are available to you at any time.  With the launch of this website, it is our hope that The Cathy Miller Cancer Fund will stand at the forefront of local cancer fundraising programs and that our mission will make a real difference in the lives of those we seek to support.

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