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American Cancer Society


Cathy Miller Cancer Fund

has been a supporting partner of the American Cancer Society (ACS) since 2007. The primary venue of support to The American Cancer Society has been our affiliation with the Philly Coaches vs. Cancer.

The American Cancer Society is 100% focused on saving lives and celebrating more yearly birthdays by helping people Stay Well and Get Well, by Finding Cures, and by Fighting Back !

Stay Well!

The key to celebrating more birthdays is to Stay Well. The ACS save lives by helping people everywhere take steps to prevent cancer or detect it early, when it's most treatable. Whether it's helping to quit smoking, providing information on what cancer screening tests are right for you, ACS turns what they know about cancer into what they do about it.

Get Well!
ACS knows that every cancer patient is a fighter - and they're in the ring with you through every round. They help you fight for more birthdays. Whether it's the middle of the day or the middle of the night, they're in your corner around the clock to guide you through every step of your road to recovery.

Finding Cures!
Whether it's discovering medications that help people live longer and better than ever, or pioneering and promoting the most promising cancer prevention or screening tests, ACS has been involved in nearly every major cancer breakthrough in the last century.

As the world's largest private funder of cancer research, ACS supports the best ideas of the brightest cancer researchers who with each discovery are getting us closer to a world with more birthdays.

Fighting Back!
At its core, the ACS is a vigilant grassroots force of citizen soldiers - passionate volunteers who tirelessly seek to save lives from cancer. Whether it's passing smoke free laws, increasing funding for cancer research, improving access to quality health care, or inspiring communities to take up the fight, the lessons learned on one battlefield can mean victory on another.

Through community events like Relay For Life and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, the ACS mobilizes the world's largest movement to defeat cancer once and for all.

For more information, contact the American Cancer Society @ www.cancer.org or 1-866-417-9272.